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OK, I haven't been creating any music, maybe because you have to have a talent (almost all the time random music sucks) or I just coudn't start to learn it. Here is the list of some MIDI music I've got that I like and some that I don't. Enjoy.


w1000b.mid(Chrono Trigger) 003.mid Earth.mid greenslv.mid
Wunrel.mid Titanic Techno Mix.mid 004.mid Earthwar.mid home.mid
wtrial.mid (Chrono Trigger) 000.mid blue.mid Forever.mid mine.mid
wfair.mid (Chrono Trigger) 001.mid castle.mid Getaway.mid mission.mid
w1000a.mid (Chrono Trigger) 002.mid dream.mid glory.mid newage.mid


I also wanted to learn how to draw, but as far as it is, I wasn't drawing any pictures (too busy with coding? - I guess..). OK, here you will see some of other people's drawings & sketches and maybe some of my pictures decent enough to post here.