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General C\C++

IJL (JPEG) Package (Library and header files)

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Here you can download old Intel JPEG Library and header files require to load JPG files. Please extract DLL file to Windows\System32 directory. Oother (LIB and Header) files can be used by developers.



Hooking NtQuerySystemInformation (basic)

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This project implements a basic hooking of a function from NT Kernel (ntdll.dll) so that you process/window doesn't show in Task Manager Processes List. The hiding in Windows List is coming next with a program that doesn't use library/dll for hooking.



C++ (DirectX)

2D Map Editor in C++ (old)

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This project implements a simple 2D Map Editor in DirectDraw. You can select from variable number of tiles/animations/tile sets to set your tile on map. Please view README.txt inside the ZIP file.

Note: you can find this file on the PlanetSourceCode.


C++ (OpenGL)

OpenGL 2D/3D Tile Map Editor
(editor for "Get Medieval" clone)

This project implements a simple tile editor in OpenGL. You can select a tile from a dialog and click on any tile that should be assigned to the selected tile texture. Please note, that this example doesn't load images into a dialog, rather it loads them as the sequence of images (see ImageList for Windows C++). You can add your own tiles by putting them into the config file and into the dialog sequence image.

OpenGL GUI Project

This project implements a Graphical User Interface using OpenGL as a rendering base. Each element (simply a quad) can be textured and animated according to rules written in config file. Basically, you define each element as in Resource Editor for MSDEV, and program uses it to load all elements (buttons, static controls, progress bars, windows etc). You can find the latest source on SourceForge.net.

GUI Editor

This project implements a GUI Editor. Using it, you can create magnificent GUIs with just a few clicks. It features centralized Texture, Material, Animation and Font managers, and adding those resources is just a few clicks away!
Editing widgets is also really simple thanks to the Properties Dialog, similar to the one in the Animation Editor (below). Add a border to the widget, and you don't have to use keyboard to resize it!
Align your widgets using toolbar buttons, or delete unnecesary widgets using Delete key.
It features a heavily documented source code, an HTML compiled Help File and a full source code is avaliable for you to download here!
For especially lazy people, it also features a full installation program!


Animation Editor

This project implements an Animation Editor that can be used separately or with the GUI Editor (above). You can Drag & Drop your images right into the project and start creating your animation straight away. Specify frame animation times, name and filename, and you're all good to use it in your other projects after you've saved it!


C++ OpenGL Modules