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CLogger Class Reference

Logger class. More...

#include <Logger.h>

Inheritance diagram for CLogger:

CGlobalLogger List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual int Open (char *pcFilename, bool bKeepOpen=false, bool bAppend=false)
virtual int Write (const char *pcFormat,...)
virtual int Append (const char *pcFormat,...)
virtual int Erase ()
virtual int Close ()
int GetError ()

Detailed Description

Logger class.

This class logs passed messages (that can be formatted) into the
specified file. It has the ability to overwrite, bAppend, and keep the
specified file open until the explicit command to close is given.

Definition at line 25 of file Logger.h.

Member Function Documentation

int CLogger::Append const char *  pcFormat,

Appends specified CString in given format to opened file
format - as in printf, sprintf, and the rest (uses va_start, va_end) Definition at line 96 of file Logger.cpp.

References Close().

int CLogger::Close  )  [virtual]

Closes opened file

Reimplemented in CGlobalLogger.

Definition at line 150 of file Logger.cpp.

Referenced by Append(), Open(), and Write().

int CLogger::Erase  )  [virtual]

Erases opened file Definition at line 138 of file Logger.cpp.

int CLogger::GetError  ) 

Returns an error code Definition at line 161 of file Logger.cpp.

int CLogger::Open char *  pcFilename,
bool  bKeepOpen = false,
bool  bAppend = false

Opens file for write access
strFilename - The path and file name of the file
bKeepOpen - keep the file open until the Close() is called
bAppend - bAppend to the end of file Definition at line 27 of file Logger.cpp.

References Close().

Referenced by CGlobalLogger::Open().

int CLogger::Write const char *  pcFormat,

Writes CString in format specified to opened file
format - as in printf, sprintf, and the rest (uses va_start, va_end) Definition at line 53 of file Logger.cpp.

References Close().

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