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TiXmlBase Class Reference

#include <tinyxml.h>

Inheritance diagram for TiXmlBase:

TiXmlAttribute TiXmlNode TiXmlComment TiXmlDeclaration TiXmlDocument TiXmlElement TiXmlText TiXmlUnknown List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Print (FILE *cfile, int depth) const =0
int Row () const
int Column () const
 See Row().

Static Public Member Functions

void SetCondenseWhiteSpace (bool condense)
bool IsWhiteSpaceCondensed ()
 Return the current white space setting.

Protected Attributes

void * userData
 Field containing a generic user pointer.

Detailed Description

TiXmlBase is a base class for every class in TinyXml. It does little except to establish that TinyXml classes can be printed and provide some utility functions.

In XML, the document and elements can contain other elements and other types of nodes.

	A Document can contain:	Element	(container or leaf)
							Comment (leaf)
							Unknown (leaf)
							Declaration( leaf )

	An Element can contain:	Element (container or leaf)
							Text	(leaf)
							Attributes (not on tree)
							Comment (leaf)
							Unknown (leaf)

	A Decleration contains: Attributes (not on tree)

Definition at line 131 of file tinyxml.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void TiXmlBase::Print FILE *  cfile,
int  depth
const [pure virtual]

All TinyXml classes can print themselves to a filestream. This is a formatted print, and will insert tabs and newlines.

(For an unformatted stream, use the << operator.)

Implemented in TiXmlAttribute, TiXmlElement, TiXmlComment, TiXmlText, TiXmlDeclaration, TiXmlUnknown, and TiXmlDocument.

Referenced by TiXmlDocument::Print(), and TiXmlElement::Print().

int TiXmlBase::Row  )  const [inline]

Return the position, in the original source file, of this node or attribute. The row and column are 1-based. (That is the first row and first column is 1,1). If the returns values are 0 or less, then the parser does not have a row and column value.

Generally, the row and column value will be set when the TiXmlDocument::LoadXML(), TiXmlDocument::LoadFile(), or any TiXmlNode::Parse() is called. It will NOT be set when the DOM was created from operator>>.

The values reflect the initial load. bOnce the DOM is modified programmatically (by adding or changing nodes and attributes) the new values will NOT update to reflect changes in the document.

There is a minor performance cost to computing the row and column. Computation can be disabled if TiXmlDocument::SetTabSize() is called with 0 as the value.

See also:
Definition at line 177 of file tinyxml.h.

void TiXmlBase::SetCondenseWhiteSpace bool  condense  )  [inline, static]

The world does not agree on whether white space should be kept or not. In order to make everyone happy, these global, static functions are provided to set whether or not TinyXml will condense all white space into a single space or not. The default is to condense. Note changing this values is not thread safe.Definition at line 154 of file tinyxml.h.

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