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CTimer Class Reference

Timer class. More...

#include <Timer.h>

Inheritance diagram for CTimer:

CGlobalTimer List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void Reset ()
double GetTime ()
double GetAbsoluteTime ()
virtual void Pause ()
virtual void Unpause ()

Detailed Description

Timer class.

This class represents a common timer.

Definition at line 10 of file Timer.h.

Member Function Documentation

double CTimer::GetAbsoluteTime  ) 

Method details: Returns absolute time (years, months, etc)Definition at line 103 of file Timer.cpp.

Referenced by CFrameAnimation< tRect >::Animate().

double CTimer::GetTime  ) 

Method details: Returns the time in milliseconds since the timer started.Definition at line 74 of file Timer.cpp.

Referenced by Pause(), and Reset().

void CTimer::Pause  )  [virtual]

Method details: Pauses the timerDefinition at line 94 of file Timer.cpp.

References GetTime().

void CTimer::Reset  ) 

Method details: Resets timer variablesDefinition at line 64 of file Timer.cpp.

References GetTime().

void CTimer::Unpause  )  [virtual]

Method details: Unpauses the timerDefinition at line 115 of file Timer.cpp.

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