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CGUIEventHandler Class Reference

GUI Event Handler. More...

#include <GUI.h>

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Protected Member Functions

 CGUIEventHandler (UINT MaxMessages=GUI_MAX_MESSAGES)
tGUIMessageGetMessage (UINT uiMessageIndex)
virtual int PostMessage (CGUIElement *pSender, CGUIElement *pReceiver, eGUIMessage eMessage, DWORD lParam=0, DWORD wParam=0, UINT uiTimeoutMs=0)
virtual void Dispatch (bool bOnce=true)
void Flush ()

Detailed Description

GUI Event Handler.

This class represents a GUI Event Handler derived from generic Event Handler. It handles derived tGUIMessage structures for GUI messaging.

See also:
tGUIMessage, CEventHandler

Definition at line 189 of file GUI.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CGUIEventHandler::CGUIEventHandler UINT  MaxMessages = GUI_MAX_MESSAGES  )  [protected]

Destructor Definition at line 4 of file GUIEventHandler.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void CGUIEventHandler::Dispatch bool  bOnce = true  )  [protected, virtual]

Method details:

bOnce Dispatch messages only once and recycle them after
Definition at line 52 of file GUIEventHandler.cpp.

References tGUIMessage::pReceiver, and CGUIElement::ProcessMessage().

void CGUIEventHandler::Flush  )  [protected]

Method details: Flushes all messages (e.g 'erases' them)Definition at line 81 of file GUIEventHandler.cpp.

References tGUIMessage::pReceiver, and tGUIMessage::pSender.

Referenced by CGUI::Update().

tGUIMessage * CGUIEventHandler::GetMessage UINT  uiMessageIndex  )  [protected]

Method details:

uiMessageIndex Message index for the message
Pointer to message structure if found, NULL if not
Definition at line 73 of file GUIEventHandler.cpp.

Referenced by CGUI::GetMessage(), and CGUI::ProcessMessages().

int CGUIEventHandler::PostMessage CGUIElement pSender,
CGUIElement pReceiver,
eGUIMessage  eMessage,
DWORD  lParam = 0,
DWORD  wParam = 0,
UINT  uiTimeoutMs = 0
[protected, virtual]

Method details:

pSender Pointer to sender widget
pReceiver Pointer to receiver widget
eMessage Message to be sent
lParam Additional parameters (1)
wParam Additional parameters (2)
uiTimeoutMs Timeout for the message (in milliseconds)
1 if sucessful, 0 if not
Definition at line 17 of file GUIEventHandler.cpp.

References tGUIMessage::pReceiver, and tGUIMessage::pSender.

Referenced by CGUI::PostMessage().

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